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Introducing Mo’s Product Range

Started in a home kitchen, Mo’s Bakery creates vegan gourmet cookies, granola and other delectables using organic ingredients and fresh flavours that will take you back to your childhood.

Why are we different?

Carefully selected organic ingredients

We carefully select the source of our ingredients to ensure we aren’t using unethically GMO or mass produced raw material. We try to get as close to the natural source of the raw material to verify its organic and most natural state.

Baked fresh in small batches

All our products are baked and prepared in small batches to ensure we keep up the quality and provide the freshest product to our end consumer.

Made with care like home

We ensure our recipes are simple and do not contain any unnecessary additives like colours, essences, enhancers or preservatives.

Packed with love

We finally pack our baked goodies in sealed pet-cans with nitrogen-flushing to ensure the freshness of the product stays till you bite into it. Gluten-Free, Keto and other specifications of the product can be found on the product pack for ease of consumption.

Our Most Loved Products

Try our gourmet collection with your evening tea or as a mid-meal snack! Conscious eating, exercising portion-control and enjoying one’s food determines the quality of one’s health.


Unique And good Flavor If you pass by this make sure you don't miss them. You will have options among versatile and diverse cookies out of which. It is so hard to choose a specific one for any person who loves Bakery products.
I have ordered their coffee cookies. They are as delicious as coffee itself. I just loved them and we'll be trying there other flavors as well. Plus they have got an excellent customer service. Keep up the good work.
They are the cutest. Cookies ever gives me motivation to lose weight and get my sugar fine so that I can eat lots of these.

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